Your guide to earn money...

Now, the reason why you are reading this is very obvious that you are looking for ways to make some active or passive income.

Two years back even I used to read such articles on the web to give me some insights into 'how to make money' online or by working from home etc. Initially, my conclusion after all this research was that nothing works as good as having a fixed source of income or salary from a fixed job.

But now, when I look back I think how wrong I was to make such a conclusion. There are so many ways to make money online or even offline other than having a full time or a '9 to 5' job where you are bound to do things you don't like or are least interested in. There are millions of people in this world who are doing such jobs to meet their day to day expenses and are not even aware about all the opportunities to be explored to make money and lead a satisfactory and fulfilling life and that too working on their own terms without having to worry about bosses, deadlines, work pressures etc.

With the advent of Internet and ease in its accessibility, the entire world has become a large but single family where a person sitting in one nation can easily connect with someone from another country. Imagine the amount of opportunities that are created through Internet since it has made networking so easy. There are people looking out for products and services from another parts of world to make profits and hence creating employment without even knowing. And since, such jobs are online, one can easily do it comfortably sitting on a couch from his home.

On the other hand, there are so many jobs based on our personal interests or hobbies that we can do. We love doing such things and they hardly seem like work or job to us. Say, I love playing guitar and I'm fairly good at it and if I teach someone how to play a guitar or I get a job to perform a song or two to entertain a group, it would hardly feel like a job to me. And I am even being paid for doing it. What else could I ask for. There are several other hobbies or interests that you could have and someone has a need for it. This is where Offline work comes into play.

In my blog I would be introducing to you various ways of earning money both online and offline. Hope you find them interesting and are able to find your true calling and have a decent earning. Cheers! 🙂